Our current Year 6 Science topic is Light and Sight. In Week 1 we found out how light travels in straight lines from light sources to our eyes and made a short video clip to help explain this to other children.

We then looked at how mirrors reflect light and how they help us to see objects. We have drawn diagrams to explain this in our books and learnt about the incident ray and reflective ray. We also made our own periscopes from mirrors and cereal boxes. Some were more effective than others, so we had fun evaluating what went wrong and how we could do things differently in future.

During the periscope making lesson, not only were we focussing on reinforcing our scientific knowledge, we also had to use our communication and teamwork skills as the task was quite tricky. Mrs Bonello was very impressed at how well everyone worked to help each other, both in pairs and larger groups.

Here are some photos of our efforts!


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