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On Tuesday Year 6 were visited by Richard, that history bloke, who came into school to do a session all about Ancient Greece.

We started off with an Ancient Greek quiz, to see what we already knew about the Greeks.
1. Greece was a country- FALSE
It was made up of city states and each city had its own rules, laws and armies. They all spoke the same language and had the same religion and that is all.
2. Slave could be bought and sold at a market just like animals- TRUE
We found out the younger boys were more expensive because they would last longer as the general life expectancy of the working class would be between 35-45 and girls would be worth less as the Ancient Greeks thought girls were weaker!

3. Greek invented voting- TRUE
Democracy= The rule of the people. However women were not allowed to vote, slaves couldn’t vote and men under the age of 30 couldn’t vote. The Athenians invented democracy. One of the ways people could vote are by putting down a white pebble for yes and a black pebble for no.

4. Spartan parents owned their children- FALSE
The baby would belong to Sparta the city state. They were trained to be strong and serve their city. If they didn’t think your baby was strong enough they would leave it on the hillside for the night and if it survived it would be welcomed back as it would have been seen to be protected by the Gods.

5. Children from Sparta were punished for stealing food- FALSE
In Sparta, when people stole and got away with it they thought that person possessed traits that would be good on the battle field- team work, sneaky and athletic for escaping. If people got caught you would not be punished for stealing you would be punished for not escaping. The punishment was whipping by the parents and they would only stop if they didn’t cry or whimper!

After this we then began looking at what an Ancient Greek warrior would have worn in battle. We looked at and tried on each of the items to see how heavy and comfortable or uncomfortable they were.
*Griaves- Shin Pad
*Vangard- Arm/Wrist protection
*Currass-Body Armour
*Aspis- Shield
Copis- Sword

We finished the morning playing some traditional Ancient Greek dice games.
We all learnt a lot about the Ancient Greeks, A big thankyou to Richard!