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On Thursday Year 6 spent the morning at Safety Works.

We took part in 5 different workshops/activities all related to keeping us safe.

  1. We learnt about water safety with the RNLI
  2. We thought about keeping safe when using the metro and at train stations.
  3. We looked at road safety and how to keep safe as a pedestrian, especially in the winter.

The last two sessions with the fire brigade and the police both looked at keeping safe with regards to peer pressure and how falling victim to peer pressure can have consequences.

First the fire brigade spoke to us about hoax calls and how they can be extremely dangerous and can also get us into trouble and they went on to tell us some of the consequences of setting fire on purpose. We acted out a scenario which helped us to see that deliberately setting fires can have devastating consequences for the people involved and that those who do can get into serious trouble.

With the police we also acted out a scenario where somebody had been pressured into stealing something, we found out that the person responsible for stealing, if over 10, could be arrested and could receive a criminal record, which would have consequences for that young persons future.

We had a fantastic day and had fun whilst hearing some very important and serious messages.