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As part of our Geography topic: Mapping Year 6 visited Mr H’s outdoor learning oasis. We started the day thinking about the points of the compass, starting with four, and thought about why they are important for map reading and how we would find North. We then delved further and thought about the eight points of the compass. Mr H had set up a 3D map of our area inside the woodland and in pairs we had to navigate the map between places using the points of the compass. We then labelled the map with the northings and eastings lines. We created a four number grid reference for places situated on the map. For example on our 3D map our school was located at 23,42. We then stretched ourselves further by focusing even closer to pinpoint locations using a six figure grid reference.

We then set off on an orienteering mission. We were given a map of the local area and set off in groups to find flags with a code breaker on. We made our way to the staiths café, stopped for lunch and continued back through the teams and Bensham and regrouping at the starting point. We all managed to crack the code : Year 6 is the best!

We headed back to Mr H’s oasis to create some clay goblins and den build! We have a fantastic but very tiring day!