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National Poetry Day

On Thursday 7th October it was national poetry day. We were lucky enough to be visited by a local poet by the name of Rowan McCabe. We listened to some of his poems, which we very funny, and he inspired us to start creating our own poems.

We took this inspiration and used it to create our own ‘Witches Spell’. We have been studying Macbeth and took the famous ‘Double Double toil and trouble’ witches spell and created our own version. We used the same opening line and also used the same structure for rhyme in our poem, however we changed the ingredients for our spell and put our own twist into our creation.

We then carried the poetry theme into our reading. We studied and annotated a classic poem written by the English author Thomas Hardy named ‘Throwing a tree’. We un picked the meaning of the poem and the vocabulary used in order to understand the story. Once our understanding of the poem was secure we practiced our inference and deduction skills.