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On Thursday Year 6 were visited by St James Place for a Money Matters Workshop. We thought about how we can manage and grow money. We were all given £500 virtual money and a bank statement. We thought about how to manage our bank account looking at credit, debit and balance which would be important when we starting playing the game of life.

There were four game stations set up. Some of the stations had a higher risk factor than others. To start we had 15 minutes of game time where we recorded our credit, debit and balance after each transaction.

After game playing we assessed our finances and thought about a plan for going forward as well as introducing the idea of budgeting. Also before the next round of games we learned about the bank and how we could gain some interest by doing this- it would also keep our money safe. But we also had some risk ‘Rich Ricky’ who asked us to invest some larger amounts of money- but was it safe?

By round three we were getting better at judging risk and knowing which games were best to build money for example the exercise game. This required hard work to earn smaller amounts of money but had no risk, much like working hard for wages in real life.

We then added borrowing and lending to the mix and some of us signed contracts to loan friends money, which would have to be paid back at the end of the game.

We began the day with the thrill of the game and taking risks but the more we learnt the less risk we took.

We ended the day with our winner Kacper- he played the long game and used the ‘exercise’ work station to earn himself over £2,100. He used the bank to keep his money safe and collect some interest. He played some high risk games as first but quickly learnt that building his money up a little at time meant it was protected.

Thank you to St James Place for helping us learn more about money, valuable skills that we can use going forward.