Open House

On Friday we visited a local shop in Low Fell called Open House which is a fantastic locally owned shop which sells a variety of ethically sourced and eco-friendly products. We spent some time looking around the shop at the products and the owner of the shop Richard spent lots of time talking to us about his products, where they come from and what inspired him to open such as shop. Richard shared with us his journey which started a year and a half ago. He was himself trying to be more eco-friendly and was very concerned about the habits of humans and the damage it was causing to the planet and he decided he needed to take action and find a way to help people make small changes to become more sustainable and live more sustainably. His shop is full of fantastic products which are all either plant based or eco-friendly. He has soaps, shampoos, beauty products, bottle washers, body flannels, tooth paste, toothbrushes and even plasters to name only a few. Richard ensures that he tests all of his products first and only aims to sell the best available on the market. He reminded us how a simple change can have a good effect on the environment. For example switching to an eco-friendly tooth paste which is also made from natural and packaged in a glass jar can cut down plastic usage. As well as his eco-friendly products Richard also stocks recycled clothes, he told us a shocking 330,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill yearly! We couldn’t even imagine that number in our head. By buying up cycled clothing it can help decrease this number. After we had heard about some of the products Richard also showed us his re filling station, which aims to cut down the use of single use plastic packaging. Inside the shop there is an area where you can bring your own jars, glasses or bottles to fill with products instead of buying them from a supermarket where they come packaged in plastic. For example you can re fill washing up liquid, floor cleaner, bleach, shampoo, conditioner, washing detergent and lots of other items. Richard also aims to add more items such as pasta and rice to his refilling station in the future. After we visited Open House we had time to reflect and think about how we as the next generation need to make changes to our lives to make them more sustainable. As a school we plan to set up recycling stations around school where people can bring crisp packets and empty bread packets to be recycled. This is something that Richard also does at open house. We will then take them to Open House and to their collection, once they have collected enough they send them off to a company where they are melted into small plastic counters and used in construction. Thank you to Richard for a wonderful visit. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about your business and what we could do to help.

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