Library Visit

Year 5 visited Gateshead Library to explore their new archive area. We were able to look around the new area as well as use some of their archives to find out more about our local area, with the help of our guide Simon. We started the morning with an item trail. We were given a series of pictures each relating to Gateshead and we had to decide what the picture showed and explain why we thought it had been chosen as special to Gateshead. Each of the images led us to our starting point of our local history search- The Industrial Revolution. We then went on a tour of the new archive area in the main library and were able to look at old newspaper articles, photographs, directories and maps to find out more information about the industrial revolution and how it changed the area of Gateshead. After we had spent some time looking at the different sources we went back upstairs to focus on looking at maps of our area from different periods in history. We located several different items on the maps including bridges, churches, streets and buildings and we looked at how the area changed from 1856-1958. We saw how the industrial revolution changed the area and how the population and housing had grown. In the 1800’s there were approximately 10,000 people living in Gateshead but by 1900 there were 100,000. After exploring the different maps in more detail we begun to explore another source; directories. We used trade directories to explore how professions have changed throughout time and we looked at job which don’t’ exist anymore because of advances in technology and transport. After that we looked at pictures and how they can tell their own story. We were shown a number of different picture of Gateshead and people in Gateshead from the archives and we were asked to explore the picture using prompt questions such as who is in the picture, what is pictured, why was the picture take, how do you think the people in the picture feel. This allowed us to think about what was going on in different time periods particularly the type of people who lived in the area. The last source we looked at to compare how things have changed was newspapers. We were given two newspaper clipping 150 years apart and were asked to find similarities and differences between the two. The main difference we found was that the first only had a few drawing to match the stories from the news however the second had photographs although not in colour like we see today. We are looking forward to finding out more about the local area using our new found skills.

Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

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