Food Tasting Day

On Monday we celebrated an international food tasting day in Year 5. We chose the country Russia, as we have been reading a traditional Russian narrative in our literacy and we wanted to learn more about the country, in particular the cuisine. We were lucky enough to start the day off with a visit from Martha in reception and her mammy Evgenia, who was born and has lived in Russia. She told us some very interesting facts about the country such as you could fit 70 United Kingdoms into it, there are seven different time zones and it spans over two continents, Africa and Europe meaning the temperatures can vary from -70 in some areas and 40 degrees in others. Evgenia also showed us some pictures of traditional clothing worn in Russia and discussed some of the foods and drinks that you might find throughout the country. She told us about a dish found all over Russian called Borscht, a beetroot based soup, and Kvas, a fizzy ‘bread drink’ made from yeast! We even got to try a tasty treat from St Petersburg called Sushki which translated as ‘little bagel’. Before leaving Martha and Evgenia taught us how to write our name in Russian and told us a traditional Russian tale call ‘The Turnip’.
We started our afternoon with a tasting session. Mrs Mason had made some traditional Russian dishes which we couldn’t wait to try! We sampled Borscht, Sharlotka Cake, Pickled Cucumbers, Sushki and Belini’s. We thought about their smell, appearance and taste. We gave each a star rating out of 5 and thought about whether we would recommend them to a friend. We were very brave and most of us tried everything! Mrs Mason’s soup passed the test however her cake wasn’t quite up to scratch!
We finished the afternoon with some Russian inspired Art. We looked at work by the artist Kandinsky and we used his idea of concentric circles to create our own masterpieces.

Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

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