First Aid

Today Caroline from tumbles and grumbles visited our class to give us some first aid training. Before we thought about practising some life saving first aid we had to think about what we would do in an emergency situation and remind ourselves the importance of making sure the situation is safe for ourselves before offering help. To do this Caroline gave us some cards with some of the key vocabulary on and in groups we ordered the cards to help us organise our ideas about what to do in an emergency. First stop and assess any dangers to make sure it is safe, then check the patient for a response deciding if they are conscious or unconscious. Then we need to check their airway is clear and open it up if needed. We do this by tilting the head back and lifting the chin this will ensure the tongue is not blocking the airway. Once the airway is opened we need to check for breathing we can do this by watching the chest rise and fall and feeling and listening for breath. If they were breathing we would put them into a safe position, the recovery position. We practised this on each other ensuring we followed the DR. ABC technique. Danger, Response, airway, breathing and circulation. We then thought about what we would need to do if the patient was not breathing. We would have to perform CPR, cardio, pulmonary, resuscitation or chest, press, repeat. Caroline showed us using a dummy where on the chest our hands needed to be, how to link our hands and at what speed we should be doing the chest compressions. We needed to do thirty chest compressions followed by two breaths, making sure we held the patients nose and tilted the head back before breathing. We then repeated this and would do so until he patient regained consciousness or the ambulance service arrived and took over. We then each practised our technique, we were amazed at how hard you actually have to press to make an impact and also found it difficult to go at the correct speed. Overall Mrs Mason and Caroline were impressed with our CPR skills and we feel much more confident if we are ever in an emergency situation.




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