Campus Explorers

This morning we were lucky enough to have two Newcastle University students come into school and talk to us about university life and in particular about Newcastle University Campus. We started by thinking what university was and why people would want to go to university. We thought that people would go to study, get a degree, get help towards getting a job, to meet new people and to be more independent. Emily and Mary then showed us some of the other activities university had to offer other than just studying. We found out there were lots of different sports clubs, even some sports we had never heard of such as canoe polo, amazing facilities including gyms, cinema rooms, laboratories and the chance to live on your own with other people from the university. We then took a virtual tour around the campus and stopped at certain points along the way to do some tasks related to the subject taught there. We first stopped at the marine biology labs where we were tasked with matching marine facts to the correct marine animals. After that we stopped at the Hatton Gallery which is the art department at the University here we designed our own graduation cap and gown. Next stop was the medical school, where we learned some interesting facts about the human body. Did you know the average human tongue is actually 10cm long? Amazing! After that we came to the Horschel Building which is where maths is taught and here we did some maths code cracking of our own. Moving on we visited the King George VI building and learnt about some of the Zoology course available to study. We played a game of guess the animal, where in pairs we wrote the name of an animal onto a post it, stuck it to our partners head and let them guess which animal they were. Of course they had some help in the form on some classification criteria to help determine the type of animal. For example: Can I fly? Do I live on land? Am I an invertebrate? The last stop on our tour was the History building, here we has to scavenger hunt for pieces of puzzles to reveal the face of a famous person from the past before sharing our findings with each other.
All in all we had a fantastic morning, we were super busy, and we learnt a lot about university and the types of things we might want to study in the future! Thank you Mary and Emily.


Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

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