Last week, we planned how we would carry out some Hapa Zome: printing plants with hammers art. We researched, as well as watched videos, about materials and equipment needed. We then planned out a step by step guide of how to print plants with hammers.

On Monday we carried out a carousel of activities based around printing plants with hammers, including research of famous Australian artist India Flint, whose main form of art is to use natural dyes, like those released during Hapa Zome to create art. With this in mind we also took time to research other art and artists which use environmentally friendly, natural resources to create art. We also used our instructions from the previous session and had a go at creating our own printing with hammers.

We used a range of flowers of leaves collected and arranged them onto a piece of thin fabric. We then used a range of different tools in order to hammer the flowers and fabric until the plants released dyes creating a print.



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