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Years 5 and 6 gathered together to reflect on times when they may have not have acted in a way that pleases God. Our First Reading was a reflection on what love is and what love is not. We used this to reflect on our own actions.

Love is patient: Have I been patient with my parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and coaches?

Love is kind: Have I been kind toward others even when I don’t feel like it?

Love is not jealous: Have I been happy for others when they succeed or receive praise?

Love is not pompous: Have I talked about myself to try to make people like me?

Love is not inflated: Do I do things for others for my own benefit or do I help others because they truly need my help?

Love is not rude: Have I said mean words to my friends, family, teachers, or other adults? Have I said “please” and “thank you” as often as possible? Have I interrupted others when they are talking?

Love does not seek its own interests: Have I been more interested helping myself than helping others?

Love is not quick-tempered: Do I get angry with my family members or friends?

Love does not brood over injury: Am I happy when others get hurt physically or emotionally?

Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing: Have I praised others for breaking rules? Have I bragged to others about disobeying my parents or teachers?

To symbolise our will to act in a more loving way, we placed a card full of negative words in a recycling bin and took a heart full of positive words. We will keep the hearts to remind us of what it is to be loving.