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For Careers Week, Year 5 were very fortunate to be visited by two people who have extremely interesting – but totally different careers. Nicole works for the NHS as a Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse, looking after people with various degrees of wounds and nursing them back to health. James, on the other hand, is the Managing Director of a Production Company, mainly working with sportsmen and women. Both James and Nicole are very passionate about the work that they do, this was evident when they told Year 5 all about their jobs. You could see that they were both highly skilled at what they do and have a genuine interest in their chosen fields. Listening to them both talk about their roles was hugely inspiring despite each coming from very different occupational backgrounds.

Although some of what Nicole does can be a bit gruesome, children were keen to know all about the varying degrees of wounds from Category 1 through to 4. Morbid curiosity led to to ask about the most serious of cases she had dealt with – they were very surprised by the answer! They learnt all about how no matter what the wound is, the procedure for assessing wounds goes by the acronym ‘ASSKING’. They learned how Nicole and her colleagues have to work with other departments to make sure the patient gets the correct treatment.

Whilst James’ job sound very exciting, meeting professional football players and travelling to various places around the world, the children witnessed first hand some of the downsides, such as the long technical set up or the repetition of filming to get ‘just the right shot’. This really highlighted how much patience they needed to have if this was a career path they decided to follow and it’s not all glamour!

All in all, it has been a really inspiring week for Year 5. James gave them his best piece of advice about the world of work, ‘Be a decent human being’. He reckoned that by doing this, you can succeed in whatever field of work you choose to go into. We agreed that our school rules fit into this brilliantly: Be Kind, Show Respect and Work Hard. If our children can do these three things, they will go very far – the world is their oyster!