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This week we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop delivered by Richard: That History Bloke. We found out how to say hello in ancient Egyptian, all about Egyptian pharaohs and even took part in the mummification process! Don’t worry it wasn’t a real body- just a plastic one!  We also had a go at bandaging each other up as part of the mummification process.

We then wrote in hieroglyphics using bamboo pens and special ink. We wrote our own names on paper although the ancient Egyptians would have written on papyrus. We found out that scribes had 700 hieroglyphic symbols to learn and it took them 7 years!

Finally, Richard taught us an Egyptian game that children may have played during that time. We had to think carefully about our strategies to try and win!

Did you know? – Pharaoh means great builder. Pharaohs were builders of nations and would often carry tools around with them as a symbol of this.