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Thursday 7th October was National Poetry Day and we were very lucky to have a real-life poet visit us in school! Rowan McCabe came to speak to us all about how he became a poet, performed some of his work for us and then worked with Years 3 & 5 on some writing techniques to inspire them to become poets themselves. Overall feedback was that everyone really enjoyed the day. Staff and children alike were humoured by Rowan’s poetry and those children who worked with him had lots of fun playing word games and writing silly poetry.

Some of the games played were ‘guess the word’ but only by using actions, ‘I don’t believe you’ – one person started to tell a story and someone could shout ‘I don’t believe you’ and then the course of the story had to be changed and also some free writing, where children were free to write whatever was in their head for an allocated amount of time.

Poems written were animal themed ensuring everyone had a stimulus that they could identify with, proving that poetry really was for everyone. The children really benefitted from Rowan’s style of poetry and they were inspired to see someone from the North East and not much older than them, be successful as a poet. Maybe one day some of our students will come back to visit us as professional poets as a result!