Jarrow Hall

During our exciting trip to Jarrow Hall we explored the life of an Anglo-Saxon farmer. As we walked around the farm, we discussed the crops that Anglo-Saxons grew as well as the animals that they reared and what their uses were. We explored a replica Anglo-Saxon village, enjoying exploring the Chief’s house. We looked at the materials that Anglo-Saxons used to build their houses and thought about how the Chief’s house was designed for his status and to host feats and celebrations. As we sat around the roaring fire, we listened to Beowulf and some Kennings. After this, we took part in a crime and punishment workshop learning that Anglo-Saxons were the first to introduce the concept of compensation and regularly used public humiliation as punishment (unsurprisingly, year 4 enjoyed this a little too much when Miss Millican was put on trial!). We then explored Anglo-Saxon battles and handled replica artefacts and re-enacted the Battle of Brunanburh which we learned created a single, unified England that exists today.



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