Hancock Museum

Year 4s visit to the Great North Hancock Museum was both an interesting and enjoyable event.
The children were amazed at the size of Dippy the Dinosaur, towering above them and were at first horrified, them amused to find out that the coprolite they had just handled was fossilised dinosaur dung!
In the Living Planet section, they learned lots about the different climate regions of the world, and how creatures had adapted to live in these different conditions.
We also had close up views of some of the animals that live locally, like foxes, badgers, weasels and peregrine falcons, and looked at their habitats.
Before lunch, we visited the Ancient Egyptian section, where we viewed a 2500 year old mummy and took a journey into the afterlife.
As the day’s weather was pleasant, we ate our packed lunches outside, sitting on the grass and listening to Harry Potter.
During the afternoon, we explored under the sea and the Mesozoic age. We were also extremely impressed at the variety of gemstones on display. In the Around the World culture section we were surprised (and most of us pleased) to find that a Newcastle football shirt was on display!
We concluded our trip with a look around the Hadrian’s Wall section, where the children could use a computer to project their initials to a wall.
As always, thechildren were very well behaved, and asked lots of questions to help their learning.
Well done year 4.


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