Fraction Frenzy!

Last week in Year 4 we talked about different representations of fractions and how we can group them together. We discussed how this can be done in different ways; by how they are represented i.e. in words or diagrams or by their meaning i.e. are they equivalent. Children noticed that 3/5 and three fifths can be put together but that the diagrams showing this could also be representations of 2/5.


We also began to represent fractions in different ways ourselves using different pieces of equipment. We have continued to explore that this week and used Cuisenare rods, numicon and counters to help us. Some of us were focusing on halves and quarters whilst others were looking at smaller fractions, including tenths and twelfths.


We also tried to represent the fractions in words, in word problems and as items to be shared such as pizzas or sweets.


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