Edible Garden

Last week Year 4 began their new DT topic – Edible Gardens. We began by looking at a variety of herbs that can be easily grown at home, either indoors in pots or outside in the summer months. We played ‘Guess the Herb’ and tried to identify which herb was which from their smell and appearance. Some of us recognised them easily as we associated the smell with different foods we had eaten such as pizza or soup.

We then talked about all the different kinds of herbs; where they came from, what they can be used in and how they can be grown. We were astonished to hear that chives were used as medicine hundreds of years ago and that they have been grown in China since 300BC! Many of the children found the smell of rosemary quite powerful, imagine how bad it must have smelt back in plague times when it was used to freshen the air!

We then drew the different herbs from our observations and recorded some of these facts in our books.


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