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This half term Year 4 have been learning all about World War 1. We have learnt about what caused WW1, why/how animals were used, the significance of the Battle of the Somme and where remembrance day originated from. As we enjoyed this topic so much we decided to use this as inspiration for our Design and Technology topic – making a slingshot car. Therefore, we designed and created vehicles that resembled ambulances and other army vehicles.

Firstly, we created a chassis using lollypop sticks, straws, and wooden wheels. Next, we created our launch mechanism using a lollypop stick and a paper clip held together by masking tape. Then, we designed the template for our vehicles and had a lot of fun colouring these in with inspiration from WW1. After a lot of work so far, we had the tricky task of assembling all of the parts together however year 4 were able to work really hard as a team and successfully assembled their vehicles. Finally, we had only one job left… to test our vehicles. We made our way down to the hall and group by group tested our designs to see how far our sling shot vehicle would travel.

A fantastic half term project!