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For their DT topic days, Year 4 have been learning all about kites! We talked about the history of kites – they originated in China – and about how a kite was a crucial part of the building of the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, linking the United States to Canada. Together we watched kite flying videos – did you know it is an official sport in some countries? We also discussed the competitive event of kite fighting in India and Pakistan, where the string of a kite is coated in a gum made of tiny shards of glass to make it sharp enough to cut another person’s kite string.

Then we began to look at how a kite is made and learned what each part of the kite is called. We tested out materials and discussed which ones would be suitable to use and which ones were easier to work with. The children all tried to make 4 different shapes of kite, discussing which was the easiest to make and what the benefits of each shape were before designing their own kite.

Yesterday, they used their designs to make their kite with our new Year 4 teacher, Mr Hudson. They went outside and everyone had a chance to fly their kite and discuss how effective it was. Regardless, they all had a tremendous time as you can see from the photos. A wonderful project for the end of term and for a sunny day!