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Since we returned to school after lockdown Year 4 have been reading megastars. Together we have enjoyed lots of new texts, as well as reading some classics that Mrs Bonello enjoyed at our age. We have enjoyed our daily reading sessions of the Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan and now Stitch Head by Guy Bass. We have all appreciated these 15 minutes a day, reigniting our love of stories and inspiring our imaginations. This will no doubt develop our own writing as the weeks go on.

In Literacy this week, we have begun to look at a book called Oliver and the Seawigs:

‘With his new friends – a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid and a friendly island called Cliff – Oliver goes off in search of his missing parent. But before he can put his rescue plan into action, there’s an army of pesky sea monkeys to contend with…’

The book’s vivid illustrations and stunning descriptions will help to inform our writing ‘in role’ as Oliver in a series of diary entries over the coming fortnight.