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What can I say? These past 6 weeks have been tough, but my goodness Year 4 has shown that they are tougher, more resilient, and adaptable than we thought possible. As their teacher, I am incredibly proud of the work that they have completed at home during very unusual circumstances. I am sure that there have been some hard days and, although we have been apart, we have helped each other to get through it with regular messages online and phone calls.

6 weeks ago, I was unsure how we would manage to get through everything we needed to, but we have done it! Every topic has been completed, just as it would have been in school – even the cookery! We have covered a range of topics in Maths, most recently decimals and our Literacy focus has been looking at homelessness in our area. I have been touched by how much the children empathised with those less fortunate than themselves and so proud of their writing during this topic.  We have successfully managed to complete our computing topic all about a programme called Logo. This was tricky to do online but we persevered and not only have Year 4 learned about programming, but I have learned some new skills too!

By sharing these experiences (and frustrations!) with one another, the children have learned valuable life-skills of perseverance, that it is ok to make mistakes or not to understand something first time, self-discipline and taking responsibility and ownership for our own actions. This half term has been unusual, but it has also been incredibly valuable, even if not in the way we are used to.

I look forward to welcoming Year 4 back to school as soon as it is safe for us to do so. Until then, here are some photographs and videos of the wonderful work that has been going on at home.

Mrs Bonello