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KS1 and 2 enjoyed a music workshop based on the music style-Pop. We looked back at through the decades starting with the 1950’s when the pop charts began. We looked at artists, fashions and popular music from each decade. We also looked at dance moves from each era. The 1950’s introduced us to Elvis, hound dog and the hand jive. The 1960’s brought more money, “flower power” popular groups and the twist. We were introduced to the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The 1970’s brought the Sony Walkman, the end of the Beatles and the first woman prime minister in Britain. Flares and platforms were the must have fashion, Abba and Elton John reigned supreme in the charts and disco dancing ruled the clubs. The 1980’s brought sadness to the pop world when John Lennon was killed in New York. It was the end for some drummers when computers were able to create music and synthesizers were the latest must have gadget. Mullets and big hair were in fashion and Wham were at the top of the charts. In the 1990’s the Channel Tunnel opened and Titanic topped the movie charts. People flocked to the Hacienda the biggest nightclub the U.K had ever seen. Oasis were top of the charts and crop tops and tracksuits were all the fashion. We arrived at 2000’s where Facebook came to life. Barrack Obama became the first black president of the USA and the King of Pop Michael Jackson died. Kylie Minogue was top of the charts and disco dancing was revived. We arrived at modern music, which of course we enjoyed the most!

Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.