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We had a wonderful visit from That History Bloke this week. He came to talk to us about Florence Nightingale.

Firstly, we heard a story about how Florence used to look after animals when she was young. For example, she once rescued an injured owl and looked after it until it was well enough to fly again. This showed us just how kind and caring she was.

We then spent some time learning how to be a soldier in Victorian times. 

Richard showed us a picture of a nurse from Victorian times and we noticed that she was very different to a nurse we might see today. She didn’t wear a uniform, she couldn’t afford to buy shoes and she was drinking wine whilst looking after her patients (or victims as they were sometimes called).

Luckily, Richard brought his time machine with him today so he could go back to 1851 and bring Florence Nightingale back with him so we could ask her lots of questions.

With Florence, we talked about all of the problems at Scutari hospital and how she went about solving them. She showed us how to scrub the floors and how to fold pillowcases perfectly. We also practised applying a bandage to a wounded soldier.

Did you know that Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady with the Lamp? Year 2 can tell you all about why she was called this and also about her other nickname – The Angel of Scutari.

Miss Nightingale brought lots of items from Scutari hospital to show us; we enjoyed guessing what they might have been used for.

Finally we looked at an example of the uniforms that Florence introduced for nurses. We had such a fun and informative morning!