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On our Lenten journey we have reached Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the most important week in the Church year. During Holy Week we reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’ death in Jerusalem on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. We gathered together to give thanks and praise to God. We listened to God’s word then reflected on the meaning of Mark’s Gospel. We heard how Jesus is not the type of king that we have come to expect. Jesus doesn’t want to be seen as the boss. Or in charge of everybody. Jesus is a different kind of leader. He’s all about humility, compassion, forgiveness and fairness. We enjoyed singing ‘Sing Hosanna!’ and waving our palm leaves. The Mini Vinnies gave us a special mission. Back in class, we had to write something on it that we would like to say thank you for. On the other side, we could write ‘Hosanna!’ They told us to take it home to remind us to give thanks and praise to God.