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This week, we had a visit from Jo who works for the Oasis Community Housing Project. She came to tell us more about what Homelessness is. Firstly, we were shown some pictures of houses and we had fun guessing the well-known characters who live in them. We were surprised to learn that Homelessness can look different to what we might expect; it is not only living on the streets but can also be staying with family or friends with nowhere else to go or moving from place to place. There are a number of different circumstances that can lead to people becoming homeless. Jo told us all about the Oasis project and what they do. Did you know that that they have 3 projects supporting people very near to us? It was interesting to hear about all of the people that the charity helps. The children asked Jo some very sensible questions such as , ‘How long have you worked for the charity?’ and ‘Are there any children without a home?’ At the end of the assembly, we all agreed that we would like to do some fundraising to help the charity in the future.