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We were so pleased to see so many parents at our Key Stage 1 Art showcase. The children in years 1 and 2 were excited to share the work that they had done last half term.

Year 1 showcased their Moving Story Books. First, they listened to the story Humpty Dumpty. Then, they planned their moving story book against a design criteria. They thought about what colours to use, where the sliders should go, and how the sliders would move. Next, they started to construct their moving story books!

Year 2 showed their work from their Drawing unit of work: Telling a Story. They started the unit by making marks using charcoal. Next, they experimented with a range of techniques to create texture. These include cross-hatching, squiggling, stippling, scribbling and circular scribbling. They enjoyed bringing their own toys in to sketch. They looked for shapes then added texture. In their next lesson, they learnt how they can add expression to a face by adding simple lines. Their final piece of work uses all of their sketching techniques to tell a story.