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Year 1 visited Souter Lighthouse this week for their end of year trip. We have been learning all about the story of Grace Darling in History and the Seaside in Geography so it was a perfect venue for some extra-curricular learning and also some fun! In the morning we went on a bug hunt in the grounds to see what we could discover. The children were excited to find all sorts of insects including; spiders, ladybirds, butterflies, woodlice and beetles. We also found lots of snails! It was lovely to see them outside exploring the natural environment and working together to examine what they’d found.

After our bug hunt, we had a tour of the lighthouse and learned about it’s history. Souter Lighthouse is 150 years old and was the first to use electric light, making it very special. Our guides told us all about how the foghorn works but unfortunately we weren’t able to hear it when we were there. We were all given the opportunity to climb the steps right to the top of the lighthouse to the lantern room and most of us managed it. It was very high and when you got there, you could see so far into the distance – it was amazing!

After lunch and a good run around the foghorn field, the children all made and designed their own electric lighthouse. It was great that the children all got a memento of what was a truly brilliant day out.