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This week in Key Stage 1 we were fortunate enough to attend an online session hosted by the Scottish Book Trust. They have free, regular events where various authors and illustrators talk to primary-aged children about their stories and how they began writing/drawing. Today’s event featured Fiona Lumbars, illustrator of the ‘Luna Loves…’ book series.

The session began with Fiona reading us ‘Luna loves art’ then she demonstrated how to draw the character of Luna. The children really enjoyed following along with all the steps and produced some fantastic drawings! The session ended by reading ‘Luna loves dance’ and Fiona answered some questions sent in by children before the event.

Some of the questions (and answers) are below:

What is the best thing about being an illustrator? 

Seeing something from my imagination come to life on the page.

What is your favourite/least favourite thing to draw?

Favourite – children

Least favourite – adults

What are your top drawing tips?

Use a colour wheel to see what colours work well together.