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This week Year 1 were again fortunate enough to attend an online session hosted by the Scottish Book Trust. Today’s event featured Mark Bradley, writer/artist of the comic book series, ‘Bumble and Snug’.

The session began with Mark reading us the opening of ‘Bumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates’ then he demonstrated how to draw the main characters. Once he had shown us how to draw Bumble and Snug, Mark talked about the process he goes through to create a brand new character. He showed the children in small steps, linking what he was drawing to the feelings and emotions he had at the time. He created a character called Zip who represented a nervous, excited emotion which was what Mark was feeling today in front of the cameras. He talked about what colours he uses to represent different emotions and how that may be different for each of us. His excited colour was pink and his nervous colour was yellow. Year 1 chatted after the event about how colours mean different things to different people and why we might choose one colour over another.

To finish off the drawing session, Mark showed the children how to create their own Bugbop character. There were four steps:

  1. Body
  2. Face
  3. Limbs
  4. Additional items

The children had a go at making two characters of their own and gave them names.

Year 1 had lots of fun today practising their drawing skills and learning all about how they too can become author/illustrators. This session will help us all to achieve the Arts Award we are working towards this term.

If anyone is interested in watching the event and having a go at creating their own character, they can do this here.