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On Friday we celebrated NSPPC number day throughout school. The children from Nursery all the way to Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the day.

In Early Years we have been investigating 2D shape. We sorted and matched and talked about properties. We hunted for shapes in our school environment. We are learning the names of the 2D shapes and really enjoyed making our shape pictures!

In Year 1 we had lots of fun practising our numbers using different resources to help us. We had each of our areas set up to tackle a different number task. We are learning place value up to 50 so on number day we practised our number bonds to 20 in a variety of different ways.

Year 2 had so much fun on Number Day. One of the things we enjoyed was working in groups to complete Scavenger Hunt all about Maths. Questions were hidden all around the classroom which we had to find and answer. We also played games such as ‘4 in a row’ – the aim of the game was to roll 2 dice and add the numbers before covering the total on a grid. The first person to get 4 numbers in a row was the winner! We also practised our measuring skills by measuring different parts of our body.

Year 3 had lots of fun participating in outdoor activities to develop their place value knowledge on NSPCC Number Day. First we enjoyed taking part in relay races in the playground. As we handed over the baton to a team-mate, we had to say the next multiple in a counting pattern. In the yard we practised the four- and eight-times tables and then counted in steps of 50 and 100. In a circle we then practised throwing and catching a beanbag while counting on 10 on every successful count. Finally, the last activity we took part in was to draw our own Hop scotches using multiples of ten, and we then played the game with a partner. Maths day was certainly a lot of fun and you could play some of these games and even invent your own at home too!

In year 4 we have been working hard with our times tables. For number day we split up into four different groups and challenged each other in a times table contest. One team chose a times table and the other team had to skip that times table all the way up until 12 x. If the team was successful they won a point! If the team was unsuccessful the other team won a point. A great challenge and we now have some times table champions!

To celebrate number day in Year 5 we planned a party! We were given a budget and a list of items to buy. We used supermarket websites to shop around for the best prices and Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet of their costs. Using Microsoft Excel, we learned how to use formula to help us find totals and the autosum feature to help us to stay within budget.

In Year 6 we tackled a number of maths tasks in order to crack the code and escape the classroom! The challenges put all of our maths skills to the test: place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions and even some trial and error!

We had to complete each puzzle and correctly work out the pin to a code before moving onto the next clue! It was tricky and Mrs Mason was very impressed with our maths skills but also our perseverance.

After we had attempted to escape the classroom we turned our attention to maths vocabulary. We love doing rebus puzzles in Year 6 and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to revise some maths vocabulary we have learnt and come up with our own rebus puzzles to represent different pieces of vocab!

Have a go at the one below:

If you enjoyed the rebus puzzles as much as we did, look out for more on School Story on Dojo, Mrs Mason will upload some of Year 6’s handy work! Enjoy 😊