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It was great to see children dressed to express themselves for children’s mental health week. Here is what some of our classes got up to on the day.

In Year 1, we discussed what we mean by ‘Mental Health’. We talked about how it is ok to have a range of feelings e.g. happy, sad, angry, scared. We understand that we will not be happy all of the time – and that this is ok. What is important to remember is that we should talk to people when we have yucky feelings that give us a ‘funny tummy’.

We also talked about how important it is to relax. Everyone suggested ways of relaxing e.g. being quiet, going to a spa, reading a book or listening to music. Mrs Bonello explained that everyone relaxes in different ways, some people might find being really still and quiet a great way to calm down, whilst others may prefer to dance around or do some exercise, you’ve got to find what works for you.

Year 1 tried one way of relaxing on Friday – guided meditation

In Year 2 we started by learning about Olympic athlete Dina Asher-Smith. We heard how she keeps motivated even when she doesn’t perform well. She needs to look after her mental health as well as her physical health. We talked about how exercise is not only great for our physical health – but our mental health too! Outside, we worked in teams to devise our own exercises using a range of equipment.

In Year 4, we talked about how sometimes social media may not be a true representation of someone’s life. We looked at how people only put all the positive things on their social media. Next, we discussed that you should not compare your life to someone else’s social media as you don’t fully know what people do and go through in their daily life.

Year 4 drew pictures and gave examples of how they would represent someone’s actual life versus what they might post on social media.

Finally, we went outside and played some team games.

On Friday Year 6 brought together all of the things we have looked at this week related to Children’s Mental Health. We discovered more about the background of it including some information about charities associated with Children’s Mental Health as well as some of the facts and statistics. We then had a class discussion/debate about what we could do if we were struggling and also what types of things children of a similar age might be worried about. It wasn’t surprising that we found most of our stress, worries and anxiety were about the same things : SATS, big school and social pressures.

We then had a class discussion all about how information in the media and online can effect how people feel about themselves. We also thought about how those images people portray especially online may not be a true reflection of how the person feels, it doesn’t reflect reality. This idea then inspired our art, where we used the idea of self- image and inner and outer feelings. We drew portraits with one side showing our outer -self and the other showing our inner thoughts and feelings, using pictures, symbols and colours to reflect certain feelings.