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This academic year has seen a lot of changes in Year 1. We have to tried to make the transition from EYFS to Year 1 much easier for children by keeping their ‘choosing’ activities available alongside more structured, adult-led learning. ‘Choosing’ is known as our Negotiated Curriculum – activities that are directly linked to our themes and topics to generate a deeper understanding. Children access these throughout the week – mostly independently. This week we have activities available that link to the following subjects: English, Science, History, RE, Maths, Music and Computing and also to the special events of Armistice Day and our visit to the cinema. These activities run alongside our regular timetabled lessons and whilst they’re as much a part of the children’s learning, most activities appear to be more like ‘fun’ and the ‘choosing’ they are familiar with from EYFS.

Sorting poppies into groups and then size order. (Remembrance & Maths)

Sorting toys into old and new (History)

Handwriting, phonics ‘I spy’ and quiet reading (English)

Designing a Baptism candle and sequencing the story of the Creation (RE)


Small world play with underwater animals (Science)

Composing a piece of digital music (Computing & Music)