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Last week, we were all learning about British Values. In Year 1, we concentrated on the value ‘Rule of Law’ and looked at different rules and why we have them.

We read a Russian folk story called ‘Little Cock Feather Frock’ all about a Cockerel who was given three rules to follow: Lock the door, sit by the stove and don’t let Old Foxy in. The cockerel didn’t always follow the rules and eventually he was kidnapped by Old Foxy! His friends, the blackbird and cat, managed to save him so luckily the story had a happy ending.

As a result, we discussed how rules are there to keep everyone safe and talked about our three main school rules: Be Kind, Show Respect and Work Hard. We then went around the school and posed for photographs displaying good, and bad, behaviours to turn into posters. The children had lots of fun posing doing the right thing, but probably more fun getting to pose doing the wrong thing as you can see from the photos!


  ‘Working Hard’

  ‘Working not so Hard’

Walking in single file downstairs…or not!

  Washing our hands…with soap!

Being Kind

Walking quietly around school so we don’t disturb other children’s learning – showing respect to our peers Sitting smartly and listening carefully  – showing respect to our teachers