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Our Diversity work was based on the text “Every Child a Song” By Nicola Davies. We concentrated on how we are encouraged to “Sing our own song” at Corpus Christi School and express ourselves as individuals. There are no outsiders here. No one is the same but everyone is equal. We took a closer look at the protected characteristics at an appropriate level for our children and discussed issues around discrimination and rights. On our “Dress to Express Day” it was fantastic to see everybody dressed in a way that reflected their personality, culture, hobbies and interests. This was a great opportunity for us to learn about our diverse community.


Early Years explored the difficulties faced by Refugees and peoples forces out of their homes, focusing on Jesus special rule ‘Love One Another’.

Year 1  read some interesting stories about different cultures and explored what discrimination meant. They were exploring how everyone is different and how all of our differences are special. Some of their friends shared what languages they can speak- this was very interesting! They learnt a lot about their friends that they didn’t already know. To finish off Diversity Week, everyone  coloured in a special piece of a whole class collage. We they put all the pieces together to make a great display.


Year 2 focused on the many things that make us who we are, and created posters to show all the different factors that make us unique. They thought about the language we speak, where we were born, hobbies and interests.

Year 3 revisited the Bible story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and discussed uniqueness, tolerance and respect. The class were keen to show that they were “singing their own song”- Emmanuel came dressed in his national costume, Omar wore his karate uniform, Ezana wore his Cub Scouts uniform. Elim wore  clothes from her  home country- Eritrea.

Year 4 have read interesting stories about different cultures. We explored how everyone is different and how all of our differences are special. Some of our friends in class shared some different things about their culture. We created a keening poem all about ourselves and call it an ‘I am’ poem. We celebrated our personalities, differences, culture and everything that makes us who we are.

In Year 5 we focussed on the Kindertransport Evacuation. Children were evacuated from Nazi- controlled areas of Europe, prior to the war starting, because they were Jewish. We learnt about the protected characteristics and also World Refugee Day on 20th June. We researched a significant person from History- Anne Frank. Our reading text this half term is Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll which is all about a boat of Jewish refugees arriving in Devon.

Year 6 created the story using the app Clips and added a soundscape. They produced some art work inspired by the story and used music notes to create their own song!