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At the end of our first topic in Year 6. We worked together to plan and lead a reflective liturgy in our classroom. We came together to remember, celebrate and respond to the love and care of people around us and that God’s love is unconditional and never ending.

As we gathered we listened to ‘Everything thing I do, I do it for you’. We chose what to place on our focal point : candle to symbolise Jesus is the light of the world, A bible to symbolise the word and a cross to symbolise Jesus ultimate showing of love towards us, which was his sacrifice. We also placed around the focal point our own ideas of what unconditional love is.

We chose to listen to a reading from John’s Gospel (15:9-14) as it contains Gods greatest commandment; ‘love one another, just as I love you.’

To reflect on the word we took a few moments of silence and calm to think about when we feel God’s love in our lives.

Our mission was to take a heart with the greatest commandment written on it and think about how we can spread God’s love in our everyday lives- at home, at school and in the parish. We decided we would return our hearts to the focal point when we thought we had done something to symbolise God’s greatest commandment.