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We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a really big “thank you” to all our parents for your support in helping us accompany the children on their Forest School Adventures.

Forest School is of vital importance to us as a school.  When we have so many adults with us, the children have more opportunities to learn and practise vocabulary.  They need to hear new words so many times before they commit it to their long-term memories.  If we just go to Forest School occasionally, this won’t happen, but because we go so often, the children have had opportunities to practise talking about the wildlife they have met, the seasonal changes, the plants they have started to identify and the reflections on the lake.  They have learned to look up to see what they can see and down on the ground.  They have looked at big views and tiny details.  If we want children to care for and protect our world, they have to know what is in it.  Forest School helps them learn.

This week, we will be having a local walk instead, looking at the buildings in our area and what they are used for.  The children will be taking photographs, which we will use as prompts for discussion about our local amenities, the people who help us and how we spend our leisure time.

“Thank you” once again.

From the Early Years Team