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We enjoyed our Forest Friday adventure a lot. We collected many Autumn treasures- fallen leaves conkers, berries, nuts and watched a busy squirrel getting ready for the winter ahead. We have been sorting leaves by colour and shape and using our swatch books to identify the tree they came from. We have counted lots of conkers! Our Autumn crowns were a big hit! We enjoyed making leaf prints and rubbings too.

In the classroom we created an owls nest in the woodland and have enjoyed acting out this week’s text “Owl Babies”. We fed our owls mice and worms!

In Maths we have enjoyed copying, continuing and creating repeating patterns using coloured cubes and natural objects.

We have been working hard on our letter formation, writing our Phonic sounds in paint, felt tip, chalk , salt and on the Interactive whiteboard. We are trying hard to blend the sounds to read words now!