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Every Moment Counts…

We want our pupils to benefit from the highest quality education to enable them to excel. We know that pupils who attend well have the best chances of success academically and socially. They are more likely to achieve well in examinations and assessments and more likely to form secure and lasting friendships.  

This can only be achieved it pupils are in school regularly, and on time. 

 We have a meticulously planned curriculum which sets out exactly what pupils should be taught at every stage of the year. When pupils are absent, they risk developing large gaps in their learning.

Excellent attendance is everyone’s business and improving attendance is in everyone’s interests. We aim to secure good attendance by building strong relationships with pupils, parents and carers so that we can support them to reduce any barriers to school attendance.

Please click on the link below to read our Trust Policy and Procedures regarding Attendance.

Trust Attendance Policy Dec 2023 Corpus Christi

If a child is unable to attend school, then parents/carers should inform the school by telephone (0191 4772175) or email (info@ccpg.bwcet.com) The office is staffed from 7.45am every morning.

Requesting leave of absence

Any leave of absence during term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. It can only be authorised by the headteacher. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for leave of absence must be made in advance and submitted to the headteacher using this Request for leave of absence Jan 24

The form is also available from the school office. The form should be submitted to the school, along with any other relevant supporting evidence.

If term time absence is not granted, taking a pupil out of school will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. This may result in a referral to the local authority and the absence could incur sanctions from the local authority such as a fixed penalty notice or fine.