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In our Early Years unit this week, we have been learning about birds.  We found out that birds have a beak, wings and feathers.

We learned how we can help look after birds during the cold, winter months by feeding them.  We used peanut butter and bird seed to make bird feeders and took them with us to hang in the branches for the birds.

We saw so many starlings on the way to the park.  They were flying altogether, really quickly in between gardens, making their nests.  We found some nests in trees in the park.  They were easy to see because the branches of the trees were bare.

On the lake were swans, geese, ducks and coots.  We were looking at the webbed feet of the birds that like to swim.  Their feet make this easier.  There were two cygnets, baby swans, whose feathers were turning from brown-grey to white.

The parrots were having their cage cleaned but we talked to the keepers who showed us what they feed them.

In the bushes we saw blackbirds and a robin.  We also saw something that wasn’t a bird – a hungry squirrel who came really close to eat the seeds left over from feeding the birds.

What an exciting adventure!