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Early Years went to the park on a real Autumn day today.  It was a bit windy, a little rainy but we wrapped up in raincoats and wellies and set off on our adventure.  We collected autumnal materials and filled in a treasure hunt sheet to make sure we had found everything.

Today we were looking for sculptures in the park.  We enjoyed using our hands to feel them and look for patterns.  Some of the sculptures felt really cold and others had moss growing on them.  We loved the sculpture that said “I love you” in all different languages.  Most children enjoyed stroking the sculptures of lions outside Saltwell Towers.  They were very old and made of stone.

The wind was blowing the water on the lake, making waves.  It looked like the sea.  We were happy to see two of the swans with their two cygnets – they were almost as big as their parents.

Today in the park we saw a hedgehog!  This is the first time that we have spotted one on our adventures.  It made our day.  We also visited the animals in pets’ corner.  The peacock does not have a big tail just now.  We wondered when it would come back.  We will look on our next adventure!  Thank you to all our parents who support us going to the park, even on proper Autumn days like today.