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Meet The Governors

Governors – Sept 2019 – August 2020

Name Date Elected Date of Expiry Appointed by
Mrs Lucy Gibbs 20/05/2019 19/05/2023 Diocese
Mrs Julie Robinson 04/03/2019 03/03/2023 Diocese
Mr Phillip Dean 30/11/2018 30/11/2022 Parents
Cllr Catherine Donovan 09/10/2012 01/09/2023 LA
Mrs Christine Ingle Ex Officio
Mr Emmanuel Menkiti 26/02/2018 25/02/2022 Diocese
Mrs Rachel Wilkinson 18/10/2019 17/10/2023 Parents
Mrs Paula Rees 01/09/2004 31/08/2020 Diocese
Fr Keith Walker 16/10/2009 31/08/2020 Diocese

Committees and Membership

Name of Governor Committees Attendance at Meetings
Mrs C Ingle (Headteacher) Full GB


4 from 4

3 from 3

Curriculum and Standards 2 from 2
Admissions 2 from 2
Mr U E Menkiti Full GB 2 from 3
Mrs L Gibbs Full GB 1 from 1
Cllr C Donovan Full GB

Pupil Discipline

 1 from 3
Mrs R Wilkinson Full GB
Mr P Dean Full GB 2 from 2
Mrs P M Rees (Chair) Full GB


3 from 3


Curriculum and Standards 2 from 2
Premises, Health and Safety
Pupil Discipline
Mrs J Robinson Full GB 2 from 3
Fr K Walker Full GB 3 from 3
Curriculum and Standards

Register of Pecuniary Interests

Name of Governor Date of Disclosure Disclosure Made at Gov. Meeting or Other Occasion Nature of Interest
Mr E Menkiti 30/09/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Mrs J Robinson 02/10/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Mr P Dean 30/09/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Mr E Collins 21/03/2018 Governor Meeting Nil
Cllr C Donovan 28/03/2019 Governor Meeting Brighton Avenue Primary
Bensham Grove Nursery
Mrs C Ingle 28/03/2019 School Nil
Mrs L Gibbs 30/09/2019
Mr K Ostrzyzek 28/03/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Mrs P Rees 28/03/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Fr K Walker 28/03/2019 Governor Meeting Nil
Mrs B Wright 28/03/2019 Governor Meeting Nil