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“Who wants to be a nurse when they grow up?”

As part of our continuing work on staying safe, and important occupations, the children in Early Years  were very excited to welcome Nurse Wendy to Corpus Christi.  Nurse Wendy is a Nursery Nurse in the Paediatric Department of the QE Hospital, Gateshead.

Nurse Wendy wore her pink uniform and showed us the different colour uniforms of some of the people who work at the hospital wear.  We talked what happens if you ever visit hospital and how the paramedics help you if you need to travel by ambulance to hospital.

Nurse Wendy said that sometimes it can feel a bit scary if you have to visit hospital and don’t know what to expect.  She talked about what you might eat and drink and some of the toys that she has for children to play with, once they are feeling a bit better.

Nurse Wendy brought some equipment for us to look at and try out.  She brought “casts” that you wear to protect your bones if one of them is broken, thermometers to measure your temperature, if you are too hot or too cold, a pulse oximeter, which lit up red, a blood pressure machine, which squeezed your arm and a machine where, when we were very quiet, you could hear the sound of your heart pumping blood around your body.  It sounded like a train or a drum!  We pretended to be nurses and doctors, using a stethoscope to listen to our heart beat and putting bandages on where we had “pretend” injuries.

Thank you, Nurse Wendy.  We think that your job means that you get to help lots of people feel better.  Some of us would like to be doctors, nurses and paramedics when we grow up.