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Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum meets the expectations set out in the National Curriculum document. It is broad and balanced. It has been developed to suit our pupils and to fill gaps in their experiences, academic, social nurturing, moral and spiritual; it is a whole person education.

We are a Roman Catholic school and our mission statement and ethos are part of all we do and built on the examples Jesus shows us in the Gospels. We try to ensure children see real life examples of the Gospel message through our fundraising and Mini Vinnie work focused on helping people.

We teach subjects discretely unless the overlap is clear. We also include topic themed weeks/days so pupils have experience of learning in a cross curriculum way too e.g. Money Week, Maths Week, Arts Week, African Week, French Days.

Many pupils are EAL or language deprived so we have high emphasis on vocabulary building across the curriculum. We run interventions such as Talk Boost, Talk Partners, and in-house lunchtime interventions. Referrals to Speech and Language are high. We encourage talk using Talk Partners in lessons and approaches such as P4C and No Pens Day.

Behaviour policies are clear. Boundaries are set and behaviour expectations are high. Our expectations are based on our RC ethos and our beliefs in the Rights Respecting Agenda, we hope our children see that everyone is respected and treated fairly and given what they need. This is an important part of our curriculum and is taught specifically in RE and PHSE as well as in curriculum subjects. Sometimes there is a conflict between our expectations and those at home but our views are shared with parents and most families support them. Our work on achieving a Rights Respecting Award has supported development in this area.

Many of our pupils have limited experience of the world, thus we ensure that we include in our curriculum exciting visits out and interesting visitors coming to us on a regular programme. Our Humanities curriculum is particularly rich in these experiences.

Our site is limited so visits are also important to develop pupils physically and to give them residential, forest school, adventurous activities which are difficult to provide on-site.

We have the highest expectations of our children and hope they will continue to flourish in the education system. We run a raising expectations programme in which pupils learn about a variety of jobs and the training needed for them. They learn about what is on offer in colleges and universities and industry. They make visits to places of work.

Our pupils come from very diverse backgrounds and we need everyone to feel accepted and comfortable. We use our international work as a vehicle for the appreciation of different cultures including European, African, French, Spanish, Indian and Chinese. We have an International Award from the British Council. We regularly visit places such as London and Edinburgh.

Art education is important to us. Some of our pupils have limited experience in Arts subjects so we ensure we cater for this by all pupils in KS2 having musical instrument tuition each week. We have a school choir. We are developing an orchestra.

Our PE curriculum has a strong dance element and we take part in the Dance Festival. We invite experienced artists into school to work with pupils to develop their Art skills. An example is the water colour artists we use on a regular basis. We regularly use the nearby Art Gallery and the educational opportunities they offer. All of these activities ensured we keep our Arts Mark Award at Gold level. We regularly visit museums and theatre productions and have performers in school.

We run an in-depth PHSE programme as sometimes the social skills of some of our children are low. The programme covers British values, racism, safety, drug and alcohol issues, healthy eating, exercise as well as basic manners, respect and anti-bullying. There are strong links to our RE programme. We ensure pupils have an experience of a school residential and use it to prepare them for transition to secondary school. Our visits to parliament either in London or Edinburgh engages pupils and ensures they are made aware of how our country is governed and how laws are made.

We endeavour to educate the “whole person” at Corpus Christi and we are continually looking to improve our curriculum provision. We offer emotional and mental health support via programmes such as Sun Beams, Rainbows and individual counselling.

In the future we hope to extend the opportunities for residential visits to more year groups. We also hope to increase the amount of pupil input into designing the curriculum.