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The season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and spans four weeks. It is a time of preparation. Today we started our journey together by coming together before school to pray and reflect. The theme of week one is waiting with patience and hope for God’s promised Saviour. After lighting the first purple candle on our wreath, we listened to a reading from Mark’s Gospel.

‘Jesus said to his disciples… ‘be careful! Always be ready!’ 

We then reflected on what we need to do to make sure that we are ‘ready’ during Advent. Jesus knows that waiting isn’t easy. He knows that when we have to wait for something special, even if it’s just waiting four weeks for Christmas, it’s easy to get impatient, bored, or distracted. With all the parties
and exciting things that are happening in the weeks before Christmas, we can get so distracted that sometimes we can even forget about Jesus and his commandment to look out for and love others.

If Jesus returned today, how would you want him to see you behaving? Would you want Jesus to see you caring for others, or ignoring them? Would you want Jesus to see you welcoming others, or turning them away? Would you want Jesus to see you sharing with others, or keeping things to yourself? Would you want Jesus to see you forgiving others, or holding grudges?

We wrote down our reflections on to the image of a dove and added them to our prayer tree.

We will meet every Friday morning in December at 8:30am. All children and families are welcome.