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Teaching very young children about the difficulties faced by Refugees seems complex, but Jesus gave us one rule – to love one another.

This week the children were amazed to find a small creature knocking on the door to our garden.  It didn’t look like any animal we knew and it lay beside a large egg.  We talked about what we should do.  Some children thought it was a stranger so we shouldn’t talk to it.  Some thought it might hurt us or take our toys.  One child was frightened and needed a cuddle.

We decided that it was ok for the adults to go and see what it was.  The children were immediately concerned when Fluffy, as they called it, seemed to be shivering and cold.  The children rushed to get some clothes from the home corner.  We thought Fluffy might be thirsty and hungry so they got a water bottle and tried different foods to see what it liked.  It didn’t seem to understand what we were saying but we found that we could talk using Makaton.  The child who had been frightened, although still wary, turned out to be one giving Fluffy the most attention.

Fluffy said that it felt sad because it was missing its Mammy and Daddy.  It was lost and didn’t have a home.  It turned out that Mammy and Daddy were aliens on a space ship and Fluffy had fallen out.  They would be very worried.  Over the next couple of days, the children looked after Fluffy.  They made sure it was warm and fed.  They cuddled and talked to it.  They naturally gave it just what it needed, including empathy and love.

They made a sign with a large photo of Fluffy and put in on some very bright material in the yard so that Mammy and Daddy might see it.  They did!  They came down to earth and thanked the children for looking after their baby and giving it exactly what it needed when it needed a home and love.

Well done, children.  We are so proud of you.