Engineering Club Week 6

We are certainly getting there now! Many of us have added the gearing axle holder as well as the middle axle with pulleys and spacers.Once the batteries and motors are in place we will be able to connect them to the pulleys using elastic bands. Soon it will be time to build the switch that will eventually enable us to control our moving vehicles.



Article 28
You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.
Article 29
Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.


First we warmed up with a game of body parts which tested our co-ordination and listening skills before we stretched our body to prepare it for work. We again tried some yoga stretches. We recapped some of the jumps from the previous session testing the vocabulary remembered from the previous session including tuck, straddle and…Continue Reading


We warmed up with a game of traffic lights to get our bodies ready for the lesson. We then carried out a range of stretches for our arms, legs, hips and wrists. As well as stretches we continued to learn some yoga poses such as happy cat, sad cat and toes to head. We recapped…Continue Reading

World Book Day

World Book Day This year for world book day we decided to embrace the message buy a book not a costume and instead of dressing up as a character from a book, we brought in our favourite book from home to share with the other children in our class. In Year 5 we had a…Continue Reading

Engineering Club – Week 5

This week, we added the front axle, spacers and wheels. Axles had to be measured accurately and the wheels had to be hammered on firmly. The spacers will add more control to the vehicle. We are ready to add the rear axle pulley, wheels and spacers next week before adding the gearing axle holder.  Continue Reading

Gran Can You Rap?!

We thought about and reflected on our performances of our Michael Rosen inspired poems. We thought about what we had done well and what we needed to improve on. We then watched a video of a group of children our age performing a poem ‘Gran can you rap’. We thought about what had made their…Continue Reading

Art Circulism

This week we practiced circulism as a technique to add shade and tone to a drawing. We found that this technique is used to add tone to skin when sketching portraits. We practised the techniques with different pencils to explore making darker or lighter tones. We continued to practiced using pebbles, using circulism to show…Continue Reading


This week in ICT we used micro:bits for the first time. In partners we were given a micro:bit and asked to set it up and connect it to the computer. We worked out that we had to connect the battery pack to the micro:bit board and the USB to the board and then to the…Continue Reading

Bird Models

Over the last half term we have designed and made a sculpture based around the topic of wildlife, in particular birds. We started the project by focusing on our sketching skills and thinking about proportion. We were given a selection of birds to draw and were asked to look carefully at the bird and begin…Continue Reading


This week we started a block of gymnastics coaching. We first warmed up with a game of traffic lights and some stretches to loosen our joints and muscles, including some yoga poses. Next we thought about two balances ‘basic’ and ‘scale’ and practiced holding each balance for three seconds. We then tried two others ‘arabesque’…Continue Reading