Welcome to Year 4!

I am so pleased that we can all be back together at school. The children have settled in very well and I am impressed at how well they have adapted to their new routines. I know this has been unusual and tricky to manage but they’ve shown just how resilient they are by getting on with things. I’m sure as the weeks go on it will become even easier.

As far as work goes, this week we have spent a little time getting to know each other having missed out on our transition morning in the Summer term. We have begun our first class novel – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; in Humanities we have identified the continent of Europe, it’s countries and capital cities and in RE we have begun to look at Jesus’ family tree.

I am looking forward to what this year will bring and I am excited to get to know your children better as the weeks go on.

Mrs Bonello

Insect Art

This half term, Year 4 has been looking at insects in their Art lessons. They have used their sketchbooks to create pencil drawings, looked at colour and texture and also made papier mache sculptures  of their own insects. They have studied a range of insect art by the artists  Louise Bourgeois and Jennifer Angus and…Continue Reading


STEM Careers Week This week Year 4 have been visited by members of the public who have careers involving, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We were first visited by Miss Jobes, an Environmental Health officer for Gateshead council. She explained how she began her education here at Corpus Christi, talked about her training and her…Continue Reading

Number Day

As part of NSPCC Number Day, we played lots of new games to try to help us learn our times tables. There were investigations to work through and test our problem solving skills, a memory pairs game to test our times table knowledge and also our short term memory, we used new websites to help…Continue Reading

Lego Club

This half term in Lego Club we have been busy building a variety of things. We’ve tried to replicate some famous landmarks, created characters from films or books that we love and also had a free choice session where we could really let our imagination take us anywhere. We’ve all had lots of fun working…Continue Reading

Pizza Express

This week Year 4 visited Pizza Express, in the Metro Centre, to learn how to make a pizza. We have been looking at herbs and tomatoes in our DT topic – Edible Gardens and also instructions in Literacy so this was a great opportunity to combine the two topics in one practical activity. The children…Continue Reading

Edible Garden

Last week Year 4 began their new DT topic – Edible Gardens. We began by looking at a variety of herbs that can be easily grown at home, either indoors in pots or outside in the summer months. We played ‘Guess the Herb’ and tried to identify which herb was which from their smell and…Continue Reading

Fraction Frenzy!

Last week in Year 4 we talked about different representations of fractions and how we can group them together. We discussed how this can be done in different ways; by how they are represented i.e. in words or diagrams or by their meaning i.e. are they equivalent. Children noticed that 3/5 and three fifths can…Continue Reading